The Business & Technology major infuses technology and analytics into a broad and flexible management education, empowering students to immediately create impact in any industry.

A group of five students working on a project around a table in a study space in the Babbio Center.
In addition to the specific business and technology skills at the heart of this major, students in B&T develop outstanding collaborative and presentation abilities through frequent group projects and assignments.

学生在五个领域之一中选择业务集中 - 金融,营销,信息系统,经济学或国际业务。技术培训通过单独的集中培训,从商学院以外的一些领域,从工程和科学到人文学科,在商学院以外的高度专业领域培训学生。技术浓度的例子包括计算机科学,生物技术和绿色技术。

Students complete the B&T major with a thorough understanding of how technology can be leveraged to think differently about problems and opportunities in any industry.


The B&T major is the kind of program that can only exist at a place like Stevens, with its established history of leadership in technical fields like mechanical engineering and computer science. This is a major with lots of freedom and limitless potential: The skills AG体育 teaches are excellent training for any discipline. 毕业s have brought their knowledge to virtually every industry, from global financial services management to business and technology consulting, and many have pursued entrepreneurial ventures, either at small startups or at businesses of their own design.







你长大的技术包围 - 业务学院也是如此。技术是我们所做的核心,无论是研究伪造在线评论或人群智慧,还是应用程序开发或社交网络分析的课程项目。AG体育将为您提供新的技术的新视角,因为您在快速变化的商业世界中准备职业生涯。