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Answering the Call for AT&T: Interns’ Insights Add Value at Company’s Indian Operations


A group of AT&T employees and interns at the company's Hyderabad office.
Five interns from the 商学院 at Stevens with their colleagues and managers in the company's Hyderabad office. AT&T said AG体育 students' skills give them the confidence needed to one day take on leadership roles.


As senior vice president of Service Excellence for AT&T Business, he has an incredible range of responsibilities, but one challenge that causes him concern is how to continuously develop future leaders to help manage the company’s operations in India.  

电信巨头正在寻找创造性的方法来应对这一挑战,并罗森鲍姆说,他们可能已经找到了一个可能的解决方案 - 从研究生实习 商学院 在AG体育的。

罗森鲍姆,顾问的学校董事会成员说,他是令人难以置信的高兴与工作团队的硕士学生的 Business Intelligence & Analytics program completed over an eight-week period in AT&T’s Hyderabad office this summer. 

“我们没有问题识别和雇用大量的技术的人,”他说。 “我们的挑战是聘用和留住领导班子成员。AG体育学生有较强的技术背景和具有实力和技术的信心,使你更加资格是一家科技公司的领导者“。


AG体育 business students are bilingual in business and analytics, which makes them well suited to leading technical teams. AT&T, Rosenbaum said, needs leaders “who have analytical skills to help look at the performance and metrics, and use that data to help make business decisions.”

Headshot of Paul Rosenbaum

That’s a core strength of the BI&A master’s program. 

“有可能是一个问题的多种解决方案,但只有一个业务解决方案,” poojan gajera,谁希望毕业生在2019年十二月“解决问题在技术上可能不是从商业角度可行的最好办法说。AG体育教我们如何从一个管理者的角度出发看问题。”

AT&T Business serves virtually all of the Fortune 1000 companies around the world. As such, its customers have extensive global service requirements, and AT&T has a large presence in India to help meet their needs.

The interns’ technical skills helped them develop a tool that automated certain processes for how AT&T manages networks for its third-party clients. That tool will both save time and reduce manual error, said Sanjay Pattanayak, who expects to complete his degree this December.

“有到位一些自动化项目在那里,他们已经创造了一些数据库,但还有更多的团队可以与分析技术做,说:” pattanayak,其简历包括爱立信,诺基亚,塔塔和依靠的工作。 

A long history between AT&T, AG体育

Two of the AG体育 intern at the Hanlon Lab.
桑杰pattanayak,在汉伦实验室左,poojan gajera。双方计划在美国工作,回到自己的祖国了。

That kind of insight is exactly what Rosenbaum wanted in engaging the five interns, which also included BI&A students Dhaval Sawlani, Divya Rathore and Rohan Gala. The goal of the initiative, he said, is to create a pipeline of AG体育 talent that can eventually assume leadership roles in India.

“AT&T has enjoyed a long history with Stevens,” Rosenbaum said. “We know the quality of the students, and many of our executives are AG体育 alumni. My team in India and 我的 team in the U.S. were really impressed with these students’ capabilities.” 

Pattanayak and Gajera both said they plan to return to India to pursue careers after getting U.S. work experience upon completing their degrees. Pattanayak, in particular, was impressed with the culture he got to be a part of at AT&T.

“这是第一个地方的平等机会是给个人带来的想法到表或提出解决方案,而不仅仅是自上而下的领导我工作,”他说。 “具有独立性,并鼓励把你的想法付诸行动,使你的发展作为个人和加强组织。”

While on the job, the student team relied on their AG体育 lessons to ensure their recommendations to AT&T leadership hit the mark. Gajera called Dr. Ted Stohr, academic coordinator of the BI&A program, a particularly strong influence as he thought about connecting his work with the business goals of AT&T.

“教授斯托尔提醒我们什么爱因斯坦曾经说过的 - 如果你无法解释的理论,一个小的孩子,你不明白自己的理论,”他说。 “这个角度真的帮了我这个实习的机会。”

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