May 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Random Thoughts

6686-04.jpgAfter few days of using my Moleskine that I bought from Full Booked Gateway, I noticed that there are problems with my Moleskine specifically the defective bonding plus some crease on its pages. As soon as I discovered this, I e-mailed Moleskine right away about the problem with my Moleksine and even attached photos. Luckily, I received a reply from Laura Forno of Moleskine. She wrote in the e-mailed that she will send me a replacement notebook. So, I waited for the replacement notebook to arrive and I was hoping that it won’t get lost while its being mailed here. Dun dun dun dun. Yesterday, I was ready to go out of our house because we’ll be going to ISLAND COVE and suddenly my uncle handed me a package

new-02.jpg new-03.jpg new-04.jpg

And look what’s inside! A NEW MOLESKINE fresh from Milan, ITALY! Thank you Modo & Modo for sending me a new Moleskine! Your customer service is incomparable. Yeheeeyyyy…

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